Client Testimonials
OAS is currently installed and playing a critical role in supporting the operational business process at numerous refineries, storage terminals, and associated head offices around the world. Maron Systems count many of the largest multi-national oil companies amongst their clients, as well as various regional and national oil and storage companies.
Adding value by support of best practice across multiple clients, the OAS system provides valuable management information based on the operational detail that it collects, thus driving process improvement.

A sample of client testimonials :-

"For us, implementing OAS gave us the opportunity to apply a significant process improvement in our marine operations that made the schedule clear and widely available to many operational groups. There was a noticeable step-change in making better scheduling decisions, and a focus on accurate and disciplined collection of events and delays, that contributed to a 50% (i.e. multi-million dollar) reduction in demurrage in our first year. This was one obvious and direct benefit, and there were many more besides from the neat little touches present in the OAS product that demonstrate its maturity in delivering what end-users need.. The Maron team are first class, both in business and technical knowledge, and great to work with; at their user conferences, you certainly feel that you are collaborating on further product development with their team and other clients. "

"With OAS, we achieve a common and strong language across many different areas of the Downstream Oil business, providing instant information visibility that business demands, and empowering individual responsibility. The information flows seamlessly from Trading and Shipping areas and integrates with Refinery Scheduling Systems through clear events, without re-entry or errors, cutting down on scattered spreadsheet and unstructured email information exchange. The OAS Alerts and Notification system assures perfect timing, detecting key events and business rules, so that Head Office and the Refineries’ Scheduling, Oil Movement, Oil Accounting and Jetty areas stay “on-line”, reacting as a single, cohesive team to market and operational changes. The OAS Document Production facility permits an easy way to combine information from the most entrenched areas in the business, and to present it in standardised corporate forms, avoiding manual, time-consuming data entry and any associated errors. With OAS, the Oil Business seems much easier! "

"Over 10 years of OAS supporting our business, it has become a key to our continuous process improvement in the areas of shipment handling and stock accounting and is valued across many of our organisational groups. It has broken down barriers and promoted integration within the company. As an example, we worked with new functionality to nominate qualities as specifications, taken from a standard specification library, varied on a cargo-by-cargo basis as necessary and attached to shipments. From the moment the nomination is agreed, the specification follows the transaction, visible to all parties, through to fulfillment and lab test, before producing the certificate of quality from results integrated with OAS. This gives us control not only of nominated and delivered quantities but also of qualities within the same system. Using OAS, we produce our refinery mass balances regularly throughout each month, sometimes daily, but usually twice a week. All the necessary data is captured during the regular process by individuals in the course of their duties, and the ease of producing a mass balance means we can promptly detect transactions that merit early investigation. Availability of approved mass balance results as a web-based report mean clear visibility across the organisation. With the success and improvements within our organisation, we have now extended the use of OAS to third parties in the process, such as agents and inspectors. Through secure web-based access, they can reach the parts of OAS that they can contribute to, and directly supply updates to ETA, review their responsibilities on different shipments, and complete their results. We are pleased for the advantages that OAS brings, and appreciate the skill and expertise of the engineers at Maron. In particular we appreciate the informal and productive way from “idea” to “delivered functionality”. The development of OAS is very much alive."