OAS Data / Information Integration
Maron helps clients to ensure that information across disparate systems within a refinery flows and integrates efficiently and effectively to maximise timeliness and quality of information and remove duplication.

While standard interfaces (OAS Integration Services) are provided to key applications that work with OAS (see representative list below), each data model is unique to a specific refinery, and Maron has the expertise to understand differences and maximise integration potential. Maron can ensure that the following application solutions work seamlessly with OAS quickly through standard integration technologies:

  • Real-time process data from process historians (OSI PI, IP21, PHD, OPC etc.).
  • DCS based movement control systems (e.g. Honeywell BA).
  • External movement systems (Truck/Rail/Pipeline).
  • LIMS, bi-directional, lab sample request OAS->LIMS and sample results LIMS->OAS.
  • Refinery scheduling systems (e.g. ORION).
  • LP planning tools (e.g. PIMS, RPMS).
  • Corporate ERP systems (e.g. SAP).

Reports and Customisation
Deep knowledge of OAS and refinery data repositories enables Maron to assist clients in analysing, defining and implementing a reporting infrastructure that supports successful reporting for business processes and key performance indicators. Client designed reports can be easily added to the standard OAS library and displayed within the OAS Reporting User Interface.

Additionally, Maron can support clients in site-specific application customisation, both within standard OAS (customisations generally rolled back into standard supported releases) and also with site specific user applications.