OAS Explorer
OAS Explorer is a visualisation tool capable of displaying and communicating completed, active and planned operations and commercial shipping information. The tool uses configurable constraints to assist the user with jetty planning and scheduling to reduce potential demurrage costs and increase jetty utilisation. The rich user interface is delivered using the latest web 2.0 technologies through the browser, whilst maintaining the advantages of lightweight web deployment.

Features and Benefits Include
  • Communicates planned jetty activity; showing in real-time, key operational and commercial information
  • Multi-user, constantly monitors the OAS database for changes to critical information and informs the user of any, e.g. ETA, vessel change, cargo details, etc.
  • Supports drag and drop for jetty planning, preventing selection of inappropriate berths.
    Configurable constraints include:
    • Berth dimensions
    • Vessel dimensions
    • Product availability (at the berth or loading arm)
    • Harbour safety clearance rules
    • Permits locking of shipments on berth and in time
    • Prevents use of berth during periods of planned or actual maintenance or when in use by a vessel
  • Suggest best match for berth/vessel/product availability
  • Provides a change log for multiple undo/redo operations
  • Seamlessly saves the plan to the OAS database, informing interested parties of planning changes via real-time notification
  • Configurable display to graphically illustrate key shipment information such as a estimated demurrage, product grades etc.
  • Integrated security option enabling seamless login

Improved Visibility

Consolidate operations and commercial shipping information for refineries / terminals / storage units into a single view to facilitate scenario planning to provide key information to central organisational groups

Improved Communications

Reduce communication by phone, fax, and email between the parties resulting in improved and more reliable communication.

Rich Interactive UI

Graphical view of shipments and inventory across multiple sites with intuitive drag and drop interface plus information drill down available at the click of a button.

Web-Based Technology

Developed using rich web based technologies for an enhanced user experience whilst still maintaining the ease of deployment and roll-out of a browser based application.