OAS - Oil Logistics, Accounting & Shipping
Core OAS software provides excellent detailed functionality to support shipping operations and oil accounting at refinery/chemical plants and hydrocarbon storage facilities. Whilst its strength has been as a transactional system through the nomination lifecycle to record and validate data as part of this business process, OAS also benefits from many additional functions that transform this data into valuable information that drives soft business process improvements and hard financial benefits. OAS acts as a business interface and enabler between enterprise finance applications and operational process control systems, covering important functions - from input by traders through to document generation at the jetty and mass balance by the stock accountant - that are key to the specific business processes of oil, petrochemical and other bulk liquid plants and their associated distribution network of storage terminals.

Shipping Lifecycle Workflow

Shipping Operations & Movements Accounting

Improved Communication

Breaking down departmental barriers especially between Head Office and Refinery. Single copy of shipment seen by all, including quality nomination.
Shipment details updateable in accordance with strict controls Completed shipment details available to all immediately.

Improved Visibility

The OAS Shipment Planner module provides rich graphical visualisation of the shipping programme, and supports planning and scheduling with an intuitive drag and drop interface with drill down to shipment detail at the click of a button.

Flexible Reporting

Extensive reports are included, summarising operational data for management information and performance improvement analysis. Standard word processing and spreadsheet packages can be used to generate customer-quality documentation with no programming effort.

Industry Standard

OAS includes a range of ASTM tables (old and new) as well as Energy Institute Vessel Experience Factor algorithms and approved methods of volume calculation.

Improved Jetty Management

Better information for Jetty Operators about the ship before it comes in. Immediate calculation of movement quantities and document generation.

Improved Business Intelligence

Support for business improvement initiatives through collection of statistics such as :-
  • Port performance
  • Vessel performance
  • Demurrage

Open Technology

Built on the latest Oracle and Microsoft technologies for an rich and interactive user experience within the browser. The architecture includes an open integration model based on web services and the exchange of standard XML formats, and can also support use of hand-held devices.

Fully Supported

The system is fully supported by Maron Systems Ltd.