OAS - Operations & Movements
OAS supports the collection of movement measurement data for a full range of operation types. There are a variety of functions to review and complete those movements for the purpose of shipments, mass balance and other oil accounting activity. After posting readings from as many different measurement types as are available – automatic tank gauges, manual dips, meters, inspector’s figures, ship’s figures (with VEF, if required), etc. – the preferred measurement can be used to actualise the movement.
Follow-up comparison and loss investigation is facilitated between the preferred measurement and other readings collected. Other features:-

  • Movement tracking process to recalculate theoretical inventory, qualities and compositions in tanks and lines after each movement is completed

  • Electronic pumping log function for ease of movement entry, external and internal, with close-of-day and roll-forward features

  • Posting of interims and processing of adjustments for marker injection, simultaneous movements, line flush, etc.

  • Calculation of quantities for variety of ASTM methods including floating roof adjustments, skin correction factor, etc.

  • Integration with process historians for real-time retrieval of plant data

  • Provides actual data to reconciliation systems for unit balance and modelling