OAS - Shipping
OAS provides a wide range of functional support for many of the operations associated with oil movements by vessel, pipeline, and bulk road and rail. The nomination lifecycle is supported from creation in early planning stages – directly in OAS, or by interface from trading\ERP system – through to completion and accounting. For the additional activities related to marine movements, there are functions for:-

  • Entry of timesheets and delays, leading to monitoring and reporting of demurrage status

  • Actualisation of quantities through a variety of methods, plus return of actuals to finance system

  • Record of quality specifications and test results to generate certificates of quality

  • Production and distribution of shipping documentation, including customs registration

  • Recording of charges for services to ships while in port

  • Vessel vetting, clearance, and inspection details

  • Integration with details of OAS Movements or external movements system

  • Supplies up-to-date operational details to planning models

  • Supports definition of multiple sites in one system and models transfer shipments between sites